How to Identify Good Yuba

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Soybean curd bamboo, no pulp, strong soybean flavor


Strict Material: Selected soybeans, processed by traditional technology, with a bright and glossy appearance, yellow and white color, rich bean fragrance.


The whole body is full, the oil is bright, the good soybean, the hollow taste is mellow, just to let your taste bud and the original bean fragrance meet romantically.


Delicious tongue tip: Bean fragrance, refreshing taste. It has no peculiar smell, good toughness, chewing head, non-sticky after water absorption and expansion, and can not be boiled for a long time.


Details determine quality. Taste comes from mind.

The palate is authentic, the lips and teeth are fragrant, the fragrance is refreshing, the taste is tender and smooth.


Yuba culture

Yuzhu, also known as putrefied skin, is a popular traditional Hakka food. It has a strong bean fragrance and a refreshing taste. Yuzhu is yellow and white in color, shiny in oil, buckwheat, roast, stir-fry, salad and soup.

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