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Curd bamboo, also known as curd skin, is a traditional bean food of the Han nationality. It is also a common food raw material in the Chinese area. It has a strong bean fragrance and a unique taste that other bean products do not have. Bamboo is yellow and white in color, bright in oil, rich in protein and various nutrients. It can be developed by soaking in clear water (cool in summer and warm in winter) for 3 to 5 hours. Buckwheat, vegetarian, roast, stir-fried, cold, soup food, etc., refreshing fragrance of food, meat, vegetarian food has a unique flavor. However, patients with nephritis, renal insufficiency, diabetic ketoacidosis and gout are not suitable for eating yuba.


After boiling soybean milk for a period of time, a layer of film is formed on the surface of the bean curd. After being picked out, the bean curd sags into branches, which are then dried. It is similar to the shape of bamboo branches, known as yuba. Yuba is a product of a certain structure composed of soybean protein film and fat. High nutritional value, easy to preserve, easy to eat, favored by consumers at home and abroad [1].


The term "putrefied skin" first appeared in Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica. Li Shizhen said that when soybean milk was heated, a layer of film appeared on the surface, and the film was taken out, and the putrefied skin was obtained after drying. The quality of Yuba is divided into three grades. The lighter the color, the higher the nutritional value. Yuba is rich in protein and low in water content. It also contains nutrients similar to soybean, such as soybean protein, dietary fiber and carbohydrates.

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