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Xuchang Weidu Qi's Non-staple Food Factory was established in 2004. It has devoted more than ten years to making only genuine and high-grade preserved bamboo. "Huayu Qishi" brand is our own brand. Our products are specially for supermarkets, provincial capitals and some special cities. Our products are sold to Canada, Russia, Vietnam and other countries in the international market, and are welcomed by consumers at home and abroad.

The company adheres to the principle of honesty and win-win operation, and has won the trust of many distributors in the long-term cooperation. Many years of loyal and reliable partners are: Beijing Gusong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing Huaji Pioneer Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Futian Run Food Co., Ltd., Shanxi Changzhiyuan Shengda Trading Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yipinshuang Food Co., Ltd. and other local companies.

Our factory has a building area of 4000 square meters, and the productivity of our products is constantly improving. The annual output has risen from 80 tons to 540 tons. The next step is to actively expand the brand product market.

Xuchang Yuba in Henan Province has a long history. While we use modern science and technology to improve production efficiency, we also inherit the traditional production technology to ensure the quality and connotation of products. With the improvement of people's awareness of personal health, the state attaches great importance to food safety, and the improvement of random inspection and punishment of counterfeit and inferior products in the food industry by various departments, it has gradually accumulated advantages for our factory in the putrefaction industry. Today, our products have occupied a leading position in the industry market.

Company introduction
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